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We support the children who live at the FEJI Youth Transition Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  
(Foyer des Jeunes et des Enfants de l’Integration)
Imagine if everyone in the world had access to opportunity.
Young kids with psychosocial instruction
They could learn
They are survivors

The Haitian children at our FEJI Youth Transition Home are survivors. Through no fault of their own, these children—some as young as 6 years old—are either homeless, living in the streets, or struggling in precarious home situations. Some have been forced out of their home to earn money and contribute to the family income; some have left home to escape abuse; some have lost one or both parents from recent natural disasters or illness.


Life in the streets of the Haitian capital has become increasingly violent and dangerous for these children. A priority of the Haitian Social Services Network, or Institut du Bien-Etre Social et de Recherches (IBESR) is to identify, locate and assist the most vulnerable street children in Haiti. Mr. Pierrot Joseph, FEJI Director, has a longstanding relationship with the IBESR from his years in working with children in poverty; Pierrot will continue to work closely with the IBESR in the placement, education and care of these children within the FEJI network. 


The ultimate goal for each child at the FEJI is that of social and family reintegration.   

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Avek Ou works with our Haitian partners at the FEJI Youth Transition Home to bring crucial programs and solutions for the children who live there.  We believe it is the right of every child to have the opportunity to get an education; to receive basic medical care; to learn a sport or play an instrument; to have a safe place to sleep at night; to contribute to their community.  To be empowered.

We partner
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We stand with the children in Haiti.
We encourage them to dream, hope and aspire.
We believe in their right to achieve and contribute.
WHAT IS THE FEJI Youth Transition Home?

Our beautiful Foyer des Enfants et des Jeunes pour l'Intégration, or Youth Transition Home—FEJI—is a former school located in a stable, peaceful Delmas neighborhood. This traditional Haitian structure features an open floor plan incorporating five sleeping rooms, an activity center, a large dining area, three offices, a spacious kitchen and a small school room, spread out over two floors. The courtyard is welcoming: Freshly painted children's murals, touched up by our partners in Haiti, are painted in a familiar Haitian style. The lush backyard includes fruit-bearing mango, cherry, and sweetsop trees, and newly-planted banana trees. A separate house, also on the property, contains a laundry area and additional storage.  


The FEJI will be staffed with a Director, Supervisor, Health Care Advisor, Cook and an on-call Social Worker.

A place of refuge
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Your contribution will have an immediate impact
  • The children at the FEJI Youth Transition Home rely on the FEJI for their most basic needs.
  • They are often survivors of abuse (physical, mental, emotional, sexual).
  • They are some of the world's most vulnerable to trafficking and poverty.
  • The children at the FEJI have the potential to contribute positively to their community--they are aspiring doctors, engineers and teachers.
  • The FEJI needs your help to fund necessary educational, medical, and mental health staff and counsellors.  
  • Avek Ou works directly with the FEJI administrators on projects that focus on health, education, wellness, opportunity and achievement.
  • The Avek Ou Board of Directors are volunteers and receive no compensation for their work. 
Hear directly from the FEJI Director
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We believe in the inherent right for all people to have the opportunity to dream, create, and achieve; to live a life free of fear and violence; to be self-sufficient contributors to a stronger community; to live meaningful, dignified lives. 

Your support empowers.  Your support emboldens.  Your support enables.


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