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Working with our friends in Haiti
The Imagination Project
As we head into fall and winter, perhaps many of you begin to think about staying inside, warm blankets and reading a good book.  We have a suggestion for you:  
Purchase a copy of Widma and the Shark for the young reader in your life.
This children's book is a delightful story that celebrates the beauty of a child's imagination.
All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly toward our new home for youth and bettering the lives of the children in Haiti.  
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Click here to buy a copy of this beautiful children's book AND empower a child in Haiti
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We are expanding!

Do you feel like changing a life today? 

Due to the ongoing, increasing danger and instability in Haiti, we are working closely with our Haitian partners to establish a NEW home for children / youth in Haiti.  Our beloved Centre is no longer able to provide the safe haven that we need to properly safeguard our children from the upheaval and violence that is becoming all the more common in many neighborhoods in Haiti.  Thank you to everyone who participated in our first-ever online / virtual silent auction!  Thanks to our generous participants, we will be able to make a significant payment on a new home in Haiti, the site of a former school. 


We think this new home will be perfect.   


Can you help us expand?  Please contact us to donate items such as gently-used clothes, school items, office supplies, medical kits, beds/bedding, and toiletries.

Our biggest need right now is simply money that will help us secure our new home.  


Click here to donate monetarily, or contact us if you'd like to donate needed items.  

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All the things children need to thrive



Adequate kitchen facilities.

Reliable electricity.

Safe, sanitary sleeping areas.

General hygiene items.

Trade school opportunities.

A playground.

Our new home will provide all of these crucial items to our children.  Without the new home, they are extremely vulnerable to violence, gang indoctrination, abuse and other dangers.  

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Fourteen Days with Purpose:  A New Home for Kids in Haiti - September 9-23, 2021
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Fourteen Days with Purpose -  September 9-13, 2021.  
We had hoped to host our first in-person gala / fundraiser in September of 2021, but we made a unanimous decision to put the safety of our friends and supporters as our top priority.  Instead, we imagined and executed a virtual gala, which featured an exciting, two-week online silent auction.  We had incredible gifts donated by some wonderful artists, business owners and creative individuals.  The bidding wars really heated up in the final week!  
Thanks to our invaluable donors, we raised over $5000 to support the opening of our new home for children in Haiti!  We're looking forward to seeing our friends in person at our first gala in September of 2022.  
2nd Annual Footsteps for Futures Fundraiser - 
May 16 - 22, 2021
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We Walk With You / Footsteps for Futures, May 16 - 22, 2021
We would like to thank our loyal friends and supporters as we walked again to raise funds and awareness for our boys in Haiti.  Every step we took brought us that much closer to our goal of securing a new shelter (home), safety and security for them.  Every dollar raised fills in the gaps and means the difference between hope and discouragement, success and hopelessness, empowerment and despondency.  We love helping them learn a new skill, graduate and get jobs.  The time has never been more crucial for this new home in Haiti!  
Spring Egg Hunt Fundraiser - March 20, 2021
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Spring into Action! Egg Hunt fundraiser, March 20, 2021
We put out the message about an egg hunt with 2000 eggs and WOW did our supporters show up!  We held our 2nd annual Egg Hunt for a Cause in Farmington Hills, Michigan on March 20, and were thankful to have perfect weather and a huge turnout.  We had over 100 kids and their families join us in a fun, energetic and memorable morning as they gathered and counted eggs.  We raised over $800 that will be used to send TWO eager young men to trade school in Haiti.  Thank you egg hunters, and see you next year!  
Christmas Outing - December 24, 2020
Christmas Outing, December 24, 2020
We cannot thank our loyal donors enough for providing us with the means to send 30 of the younger boys at the Centre on an off-site outing to remember!  These young boys rarely, if at all, have the opportunity to travel beyond of the gates of the Centre.  On this memorable afternoon, they enjoyed many treats, a delicious Noel cake, and soda to drink-and they laughed hilariously at the two comedians who came along!  All this in the beautiful surroundings of a lush family garden.  
Footsteps for Futures - Education fundraiser, August 2020
Footsteps for Futures Fundraiser, August, 2020
We thank our generous supporters for donating over $2000-we exceeded our goal!-that was sent to the Centre for much-needed school supplies.  The boys were excited to help unload the carloads of books, backpacks and pencils.  Chalkboards, erasers and chalk were delivered, too!  The Centre had not received updated school books for many years; most of the boys did not have access to crucial, grade-level academic support.  In addition, we were able to send 10 boys to a local sewing trade school, which will enable them, upon graduation, to become entrepreneurs or obtain employment in Haiti's garment industry. 
A true success story!
A dinner to remember - December, 2019
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Christmas Dinner, 2019
On December 25, 2019, we worked with the Centre administrator and, thanks to our amazing supporters, the boys at the Centre were able to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner.  The meal consisted of chicken, rice and beans (a Haitian specialty), salad with cucumbers, beet salad, soda, and candy for dessert.  Colorful balloons decorated the hallway. 
See how you can be a part of our annual Christmas event in 2021!
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