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You care.  Take a step today and turn your empathy into action.  Your ideas into impact.  Your kindness into freedom.

What you can do.

Make it monthly.

Urgently needed!
Support our general fund

Commit to a monthly donation at any amount and have a huge impact.





New!  Become a Raising Families donor

Support a child and their new family as they transition to a life of hope and freedom.

Be a Partner Donor at $25 / month OR Full Donor at $100 / month.  

Gift your passion.


Provide much-needed medical check-ups for all our kids (up to 12 children).  One-time gift of $600. 


Provide a 1/2 year of education for K-12 students (up to 6 children).  One-time gift of $500.

OR provide a 6-8 month trade school course for one young adult.  One-time gift of $500. 


Support art or dance lessons for up to 30 children.  One-time gift of $200 for supplies and instruction.

*Please comment "art" or "dance" in notes when making donation.

Other ways to help.

Work with Elephants

Local Animal Rescue

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Volunteer in person at one of our events.  Email us at to get started.  


We FEEL every donation.  Click here to move us forward today.  

Potential unleashed.

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