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All fundraising supports basic care needs of the children at the FEJI Youth Transition Home.  Thanks to our generous supporters, we are also able to provide life skill opportunities such as art projects and entrepreneurial training. 

From Michigan to Haiti.


Current project

Avek Ou ("with you" in Haitian Creole) is based in Michigan, United States. We run 4 - 6 fundraisers each year, including an annual Easter Egg Hunt averaging 120 kids and online chocolate sale with Askanya chocolatier, all hand-made in Haiti; a sponsored walk (Footsteps for Futures) where we collectively walk over 200 miles; a reception and online Silent Auction, featuring beautiful works of art and home goods; and Cookies for a Cause when we deliver dozens of homemade gingerbread cookies to our donors the second weekend in December. 

All monies raised support the life necessities of the children at the FEJI Youth Transition Home (food, medical care, security, education), as well as the opportunity to learn arts/crafts and introductions to entrepreneurial training. 

Coming soon - our annual Evening with Purpose reception and silent auction!  Join us either in person or from the comfort of your home for a night of knowledge and inspiration.  This event will feature the return of our exciting Silent Auction and an update on the children at the FEJI Youth Transition Home.  Date TBD, early October 2023.


There are many ways you can support us year-round.  Click here to learn about our online shop, children's book, or how to volunteer at one of our events.  

Past fundraisers

Egg Hunt in March. Walk-a-thon in June. Reception and Silent Auction in September. Warm gingerbread cookies in December. And more. 

Click here to get involved locally with any of our efforts!

Donations at work.

How funds are used

We FEEL every dollar we receive.  Over 90% of funds received are sent directly to Haiti to support the children and staff at the FEJI Youth Transition Home.  Recurring monthly basic needs at the home include food, water, propane and salaries for our dedicated Haitian staff.  


It's simple.  More donations = more kids placed in forever homes. 

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